Goals for this blog…

Tom and I have been discussing how we intend to use this blog to help students and faculty. Blogs provide for varying levels of interactivity, and one of the first questions we had to answer was how to manage the content. Here is our plan: Tom and I, as trained information professionals, will lead the discussion. We will write posts, focusing on:

  • research tips
  • instructions for utilizing specific resources
  • links to relevant online resources
  • responses to student queries

Students are highly encouraged to submit comments to our posts, as this will serve as a primary means of communication between student and librarian. You can submit your comments for each post. Look for the link underneath the message header. Use the comments feature to:

  • submit your research or library-related questions
  • tell us what research strategies or resources worked/didn’t work for you
  • ask for help with your research topic
  • communicate with other students

Keep in mind that one of the goals of this blog is to provide an online, accessible, archived record of research-related questions and comments for ED205 students. As more students use the blog, more content will be created. Eventually, we hope to have a searchable database of relevant information and resources for ED205 students.

Note: A few words about blog etiquette. Comments should be respectful to all others and refrain from profanity, slurs, slang, etc. If you have a personal research question and do not wish to make it public on the blog, you may contact Tom or me via email. However, we may ask for the student’s permission to post reference and research questions received via email to the Blog, if we feel that it may benefit other students.



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