Information Authority: Who’s got it?

With the exponential increase of information sources in today’s world, students need to be sure they posess the information literacy skills that will help them determine good information from propaganda or disinformation. At the library we try to teach students the skills students need to be information literate. Currrency, audience, scope, and authority are just a few things to consider when analyzing an information resource. But what if a trusted source fails to keep up its end of the bargain? Marc Meoloa addresses this question with this post from the ACRLog:

What particularly caught my attention was this statement:

A simple message here is don’t trust everything you read in the newspaper, but the deeper point is about how our own beliefs can lead us astray.

Marc raises a very good point, and that is simply to always keep a critical eye when absorbing information, regardless of the source and what you or others may think of it. Your ability to think critically and analytically, and synthesize quality information into your own well formed opinions and arguments is what will distinguish you as a great scholar. Academics is equally about asking questions as it is about finding answers. So don’t hesitate to dig deeper and let your inquisitive side free!



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