Accountability and Wikipedia: Know the score!

Check out Wired Magazine’s article Wikipedia Sleuths Win Journalism Award for, which describes some of the more dubious edits found in Wikipedia. Using the Wikiscanner tool, citizens just like you have been able to link false statements, biased information, and dubious edits back to corporations and organizations who would like the world to believe they’ve never done any harm. This article demonstrates perfectly the vigilant attitude each one of us needs to take when it comes to absorbing and assessing information. Keeping a critical eye towards information sources that have not been vetted, and that have limited authority over content and subject matter is a basic skill in the world of information literacy.

As always, its worth pointing out that the resources and information found on the Regis Library website come from sources you can trust. There is plenty of good stuff on the web, but also lots of junk, so we’ve taken the best of the best, and put it in a single spot for you at the library. So if you are not sure where to start your research, look to us first!



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