Plagiarism: Here we go again

Politicians. When will they ever learn? You may recall from previous posts that plagiarism seems to be the norm in politics these days. Want further proof? According to the Boston Globe, Scott Brown lifted whole parts from an Elizabeth Dole speech given at the start of here 2002 campaign. And once again, we see an instance of brazen plagiarism being swept under the rug with excuses of ignorance and technical misshaps. What bothers this librarian the most, is that, “Oddly enough, some of Brown’s material was recently the object of plagiarism in June 2010 by a Tea Party Republican congressional candidate in North Carolina. William Randall was accused of lifting policy positions from Brown’s campaign website for use of his own.” You’d think they would of learned by now, huh? Remember folks, plagiarism is no quick fix, and it will catch up with you in the end!


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