The high price for good information…

The Regis Library constantly seek out the best value for its students and faculty in terms of access to print and online journals. Unfortunately, within the academic publishing industry there has been a disturbing trend toward exorbitant subscription costs associated with core journal titles, particularly in the sciences. This trend is made possible in part b/c of the monopolization of information within academic publishing, which allows large academic publishers like Elsevier to essentially keep academic libraries hostage since they control access to the core journal titles that are deemed essential to support the curriculum. So you may ask yourself, where do my tuition dollars go? Well, part of the answer is the money goes increasingly to pay for access to journals students need to complete their education and obtain their degrees.

Perhaps the most important point to understand is that information is a commodity, one that is increasingly bought and sold on a marketplace that favors large corporate monopolies. Understand that what is offered at the library is not free, that in fact it costs lots of money to provide access to the thousand of journals, magazines, and trade publications you can access via the Regis Library. And dare I say, if you want to keep higher education affordable, then this is one of the battles that needs to be fought to win the war!



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